Saturday, 31 January 2009

Computer-generated 3D faces, FaceBank, FaceGen

I initially added the FaceGen page to the website as a bit of fun, but it's quickly become the most popular page on the website. It seems that - strangely enough - a lot of people out there find Angelina Jolie to be rather more interesting than gravitomagnetic field theory.
Angelina Jolie, rendered using FaceGen Zhang Ziyi, rendered using FaceGen

So I've spent some time adding more sample 3D faces. There are now more than fifty of them, and I've put up a separate "face bank" page for browsing them, . There's also some jerky video on the ErkDemon YouTube channel.

Some of the sharper-eyed visitors will have noticed that apart from Albert Einstein and Barack Obama, all the faces are female. Personal preference. I suppose that I really ought to grudgingly do a few more male faces at some point, just to make thing look more balanced. One or two. Maybe.

If anyone wants to leave any feedback or comments, you can do it here, on this blog page.

Now, see if you can work out which slider to move to make Barack Obama's ears waggle ...


Reality - Whether You Like It Or Not said...

Nice work on the faces - ur good! I did want the Lil Kim but only the jpg rather than the fg is on your links. Any chance of getting that one?

Margaret Hamilton of Oz said...

complete with authentic plucked & repainted eyebrows :-)

ErkDemon (Eric Baird) said...

Sorry, RWYLION. It seems that quite a few of those links point to .jpgs rather than to the .fg files. I'll try to sort it out tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up!