Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Favourite 3D Fractal

It's this one:

3D fractal solid, z^2, rear view3D fractal solid, z^2
3D fractal solid, z^2

It reduces to the Mandelbrot Set on one plane, and to the "Tricorn" or "Mandelbar" fractal on another. And there's a stream of self-similar solids emanating from the main pointy bit.

I don't only like this fractal because I don't know of anyone else having found it before me ... okay, perhaps that is a contributing factor ("It's MY fractal, Miiiiiine!"), but there are other fractal solids in the same series and I don't like those nearly so much. And according to my YouTube stats, neither do other people.

Now, if only I had access to a high-resolution 3D printer ...


Unknown said...

This is a beautiful fractal. I have made some variations as well. Here are two of my favorites:

Pickover stalks:


You can see more here:

ErkDemon (Eric Baird) said...

Hi Paul!
Many thanks for the links, it was really, really nice to see some other people's renderings.

Sorry that I forgot to reply for three months, I put in back-links to your page and the others as soon as I first saw your comment.

PS: I think your Pickover Stalk images look great! And I really like how you managed to keep your pages compact. Mine are a bit of a mess!