Saturday, 20 June 2009

Fibonacci Series Tiling, with Triangles

Fibonacci Series tilingWith the conventional Fibonacci Series, there are two standard ways of constructing the series with interlocking squares.

In the version on the left, we put two squares side by side, add another square to the longest side, and repeat, darting from left to right as we decide where to put the next square. In the version on the right, we constantly circle the block to find the next addition site, and end up with a spiral pattern.

You might think that these are the only two flat tiling solutions, but there's also a third version, which uses equilateral triangles to form a double-spiral:

The Fibonacci Rose - Fibonacci Series tiling with equilateral triangles, giving a double-spiral

Finally, here's a "quad-spiral" version of the tiled squares.

Fibonacci Series tiling, yielding a quad spiral

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