Friday, 2 October 2009

The Michael Jackson Continuum

Grid of interpolated 3D heads of Michael Jackson, FaceGenHere's what happens if you take three single images of Michael Jackson - one as a kid (probably some time around "Rockin' Robin"), one during his "Thriller" period, and one when he was doing odd stuff on balconies – turn each one into a FaceGen head, and then use the program's ageing and tweening settings to generate a set of intermediate heads.

The three original heads are top left, centre, and bottom right. The rest are tweened and age-tweeked extrapolations, courtesy of FaceGen.

You should be able to get much better results than this with a more representative set of photos. A more useful source picture taken between the "Jackson Five" years and "Thriller", would have been handy, but the otherwise-usable ones that I turned up on the net all seemed to be in monochrome. :(

"Bottom left" is what FaceGen extrapolates for Michael Jackson as a fifty-something-yearold with no plastic surgery, top right runs the process in reverse, working backwards from the last picture. The rest are intermediates.

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Anonymous said...

great facegens, someone from OOTP forums told me about all your female facegens, saved me months of work. do you have additional male fg's?