Thursday, 7 January 2010

Relativity Four Point Zero

'4.0'logo and icon for the 'Relativity four point zero' website (, here starts a new decade. I've started a simple site sketching out the basic principles of the suggested revised general theory:

I figured that if the work of Galileo & Newton counts as "Relativity v1.0", special relativity changed some key equations and counts as v2.0, general relativity altered and added some fundamental principles and did away with SR's concept of global lightspeed constancy, and therefore counts as v3.0, then since this isn't compatible with the current textbook definitions of GR (because it eliminates the "compulsory" SR component), it counts as another "discontinuous" iteration and earns a further major version number, 4.0 .

You can't get to 4.0 without breaking a few eggs. That's what makes it 4.0 .

I was thinking of giving the new site ~twenty-six sections listed in alphabetical order, one page per letter, but I think I might just stop at five or six (the current pages A-E seem to work quite well as a logical progression). I'm trying not to fall into my usual trap of writing realms of material that most people won't want to read, and keeping things pretty minimalist, so there's a lot of the more juicy stuff left out. I think this sort of "skeleton" overview probably serves a useful purpose, so don't expect a lot of updates to the "4.0 org" site, unless other people get involved.

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Necessity is the mother of invention..........................